Stupid Simple Mac Tips for Lawyers #22 – Magical Navigation Tip

by | Mar 12, 2020

Do you still minimize each window manually with that little yellow button and moving windows around to you can get to the one you need?


You’re killing me smalls! (Let’s learn a quicker way)

Well, in this week’s Stupid Simple Tips, you’ll see why this practice should’ve been left behind in the stone ages. Back when lawyers used floppy discs and CD-ROMs…remember those days?

Let’s tap into the hidden powers in your laptop’s trackpad or Magic Trackpad.
*If you don’t have a Mac laptop, I highly recommend you splurge on a Magic Trackpad, it is a serious productivity tool when leveraged beyond ‘mouse-control’ and basic clicking.

Let’s discuss Mission Control—a Mac service that offers a bird’s-eye view of all your open windows, desktop spaces, full-screen apps, and Split View spaces, making it easy to switch between them. There happen to be many ways to activate Mission Control. 

Put another way – this is a blazing fast way to switch between windows.

Today, we focus on using Mission Control via the Trackpad. 

Once activated, with the flick of a finger (not THAT finger) ALL your open windows reveal themselves and you click on your desired window. 

Swipe/Flick. Click. Done. 

Far more efficient than minimizing windows one by one or rearranging them so you can access what you really need.

As such, when it’s time to navigate from one app the next, it’s a complete and utter breeze.

Here’s the setup:

  • System Preferences > Trackpador Magic Mouse
  • Click on the “More Gestures” tab within the window.
  • Check the box “Mission Control” then select “swipe up” with either 3 or 4 fingers. I prefer 3.

Here’s how to use your various potential devices:


  • Swipe 3 or 4 fingers up to show all windows
  • Click on your desired destination or swipe back down to return to where you were

Magic Mouse

  • Double-tap then click on your desired destination or swipe back down to return where you were

You’ll be navigating around faster than ever with this little tip. 

If you like this added functionality, get your PhD in magic Gestures here

The more you learn, the faster you go 🙂

Warm Regards,