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Maximize Your MSP Efficiency: Specialized Mac Support for Windows-Based MSPs

Tailored Mac Management for Windows-Centric MSPs

In the vast landscape of IT services, managing Macs within a predominantly Windows-based environment presents unique challenges. GlobalMac iT is here to bridge that gap, offering specialized support and management solutions for MSPs. Our services are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing operations, ensuring a comprehensive IT management experience for your clients.

What We Offer:

  • Dedicated Help Desk Support

    Immediate assistance for your clients directly. With our streamlined support, there’s no intermediary, which accelerates the resolution process for Mac-related issues. This efficient approach leads to a reduction in the number of tickets in your PSA, enhancing overall service effectiveness.

  • Streamlined Patching & Monitoring SolutionsWe handle the comprehensive monitoring and patching of Mac & iOS devices, ensuring that your clients’ systems are always up to date and performing optimally. Our dedicated RMM is tailored specifically for Macs, saving your team time and resources.
  • Effortless User Onboarding & OffboardingWe manage all aspects of user transitions for your clients. Before a new user starts, we ensure their Mac is fully set up and ready, allowing them to dive right in from day one. For exiting users, we handle data backups and secure machine wipes, preparing the device for the next person without any data concerns.
  • Comprehensive iOS Device ManagementGain complete command over iOS devices with features like remote wipe, containerization for separating work and personal data, and customized BYOD profiles for seamless integration into your client’s IT ecosystem.
  • Exclusive Apple Consultant Network Benefits
    As partners, we have direct support from Apple, leveraging Apple Business Manager to enhance our services and support capabilities.

The Payoff for Your Business:

  • Focus on Your Core Services
    Redirect your team’s efforts towards the larger portion of your client base without neglecting the needs of Mac users.
  • Reduce Time and Resources
    Eliminate the excessive time spent troubleshooting Macs with our expert team handling all aspects of Mac management.
  • Enhance Your Service Offering
    By covering all IT needs, including Macs, you elevate your MSP as a comprehensive IT solution provider.

Why Partner with GlobalMac iT?

We’re deeply ingrained in the Apple ecosystem, providing unparalleled expertise and support. This partnership allows you to extend your services to include Macs without the need for your team to navigate unfamiliar territory. Let us handle the specifics of Mac management, freeing you to focus on what you do best.

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Discover how our co-managed IT services can integrate with your operations and bring specific benefits to your clients. Contact us today to explore the advantages of partnering with GlobalMac iT and how we can help relieve the burden of Mac support from your team.

Let’s enhance your service capabilities together and ensure your position as a leader in the comprehensive IT service market.