Your Path to Success with GlobalMac iT

Managed IT Services

Bespoke IT Solutions for Mac-Based Companies

  • Strategic IT Roadmap: In the complex world of Mac-based IT, we guide you through every step, from identifying your unique tech needs to implementing top-tier security. This ensures a smooth onboarding and lets you focus on what you do best – running your Mac-based business.
  • Advanced Support & Operations: Our TotalCare goes beyond traditional IT support, we proactively eliminate technical disruptions, ensuring seamless IT operations. In the modern digital era, IT is a critical strategic asset, essential for the success of your business.
  • Exclusive Tech Advisory & Custom Solutions: We offer a VIP experience, serving as your trusted tech advisors. Our 24/7/365 network monitoring, seamless updates, and robust security measures are designed to meet your company’s specific needs.


The Ultimate IT Solution for Mac-Based Businesses

Proactive Support & Maintenance

  • 24/7 IT Support: Our help desk provides immediate remote assistance for any IT issues, ensuring your business operations run smoothly.
  • Server & Network Health: Comprehensive support for your local servers, Apple hardware, and network to keep your IT infrastructure robust and secure.
  • Automated Monitoring & Maintenance: Our advanced software tools continuously monitor your systems, alerting us to potential issues before they become problems.
  • Secure & Unlimited Backups: Daily backups of all user desktops and document folders, ensuring data security and availability.

Comprehensive Service Suite

  • Computer Lifecycle Management: From understanding your needs to overseeing the setup and deployment of new solutions, we are with you every step of the way.
  • Vendor & Printer Coordination: We liaise with your vendors to ensure hardware, software, and system compatibility, and assist in setting up Mac-compatible printers.
  • Patch Management & Security: Efficient handling of software updates to reduce interruptions, along with DNS security tools and custom security profiles for comprehensive protection.

Strategic IT Projects & Enhancements

  • Empowering Your Business: TotalCare goes beyond daily IT support to assist in planning, implementing, and managing various IT projects that align with your company’s needs and goals.
  • Project Capabilities: Email migration, file management optimization, network and infrastructure updates, office relocations, hardware and software solutions, new/exiting employee onboarding/offboarding, VoIP migration, computer refresh cycles, mobile device management.

Tailored Benefits & Exclusive Expertise

  • Zero Downtime: Our proactive approach ensures your systems are always up and running, allowing you to focus on your business.
  • Transparent, Flat-Fee Pricing: Enjoy a hassle-free IT experience with no hidden costs or surprises.
  • Customized IT Solutions: We offer IT solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your company, ensuring a perfect fit every time.
  • Exclusive Focus on Mac-Based Businesses: Trust your company’s IT needs to the experts, who understand the unique requirements of a Mac-based businesses.

Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity 

We provide comprehensive protection and expert guidance. Our service offerings are structured into three tiers:

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Cybersecurity Services

GlobalMac iT provides a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services designed to enhance the security posture of businesses. Our offerings include:


  • Cybersecurity Training: Empowering teams with the knowledge to identify and mitigate cyber threats.
  • Phishing Simulation: Testing and training employees to recognize phishing attempts.
  • IT Security Policies: Development and implementation of robust security policies.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: Surveillance to detect company data on the dark web.
  • Cloud Backup Solutions: Secure backup services for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.
  • Automated Phishing Defense: Tools to proactively guard against phishing attacks.
  • Proactive IT System Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of IT systems for security threats.
  • Antivirus and Web Protection: Comprehensive solutions to safeguard against malware and web-based threats.
  • Ransomware Detection: Advanced systems to detect and mitigate ransomware attacks.
  • Team-Based Password Vault: Secure password management for teams.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Enhancing security with MFA solutions.
  • VPN Services: Offering secure remote access solutions.
  • Advanced Endpoint Security: Protecting endpoints against sophisticated cyber threats.
  • 24/7 Security Operations Center: Continuous monitoring for real-time threat detection and response.
  • Email Encryption: Ensuring the confidentiality of email communications.
  • Encrypted File Sharing: Secure methods for sharing sensitive files.
  • Quarterly Strategy Meetings: Regular reviews and updates of cybersecurity strategies.

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