We’re not for you if…

by | May 26, 2021

  • You procrastinate developing your team because there is too much work to do.
  • You resort to suffering in silence and ignore other’s attempts to connect with you (unresponsive).
  • You react to complexities and uncertainties around you without goals or strategies.
  • You spend a lot of time being a jack-of-all-trades and only call an expert when you are desperate.
  • You want to be a great lawyer and feel all responsibilities outside of practicing law are distractions.
  • You view technology as an expense that is to be minimized at all cost and believe: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
  • You constantly put important things off until the last minute, then react impulsively and emotionally.
  • You feel increasingly confused and angry aboutthe rapid progress and breakthroughs of your competitors.

I’ve been building GlobalMac IT for 16 years. No other IT company on this planet has the same level of depth and understanding of the needs of Mac-based law firms as we do.

Yet, just because you have a Mac-based law firm with ten or more users does not mean we’re a fit. Those are the bare minimums, but far more critical are having aligned mindsets with our client.

Since 2006, I have seen the impact of working with clients who were not the right fit. With such clients, there was always a strained relationship and dissatisfaction. Their values and vision didn’t align, and nothing could be done about it. They hired our team but didn’t want to take our advice or appreciate our service. In those wrong-fit cases, the relationship would eventually end, with one party suggesting they part ways.

At this point, I am entirely unwilling to work with people who aren’t the right clients for GlobalMac IT, and I end up rejecting (politely) far more referrals than I accept. 

Plainly put, it would be a disservice to my team and a disservice to the new client if we agreed to work with people who aren’t a great fit.

As a result, when I have meetings with right-fit prospective clients, I’m not desperate. I’m serious about being the best Who for the law firms we work with. If I can’t be the best Who for them, I won’t work with them. 

As I tell prospective clients:

Look, there’s absolutely no pressure for you to work with us. This is a two-way interview, and we are both evaluating if it’s a great fit. If you choose a different IT company, we will be fine. We only want to work together if we are excited and 100 percent on the same page for goals and expectations. Being aligned and upfront with each other from day one is crucial to a successful long-term relationship. And in the end, that’s what it’s all about.