We found Our Dream IT Company! (Their Words, Not Ours)

by | Feb 10, 2021

At GlobalMac IT, our team strives to deliver a world-class experience. Although the world sees us as an IT provider, we see ourselves as being in the customer experience business first and foremost.  

Unsolicited review like these confirm we are doing something right (and gives everyone on our team warm fuzzy feelings).

Thanks so much to Russell Button and the entire team at the The Button Law Firm for sharing your experience with us in your newsletter in January 2021! We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience. We count ourselves lucky for clients like you. We look forward to serving you for many years.

Reprinted from The Button Law Firm Newsletter

Meet Tom Lambotte, CEO of GlobalMac IT.  Until last March, The Button Law Firm’s IT was as in-house as it gets: Russell had the job!

It’s handy to have a techie founder, and he helped our team out regularly with their Mac problems.

But that changed when we went entirely remote due to the pandemic. Suddenly, Russell had to diagnose our tech troubles over Zoom. That was an entirely different ballgame.

“I was spending too much time on the issues,” Russell explains, “so we decided to look for some help.

Amazingly, we found an IT company that specializes in law firms that run Mac-based platforms — which is literally who we are!”

That company is GlobalMac IT, an Ohio based managed services provider that serves law firms nationwide.

As CEO Tom Lambotte puts it, they have clients “from Hawaii to New York City and everywhere in between.”

We’re loving our service from GlobalMac IT, which makes sense because they’ve helped people just like us for more than 10 years. When we sat down with Tom to chat about how he started the company, he told us, “It really just grew organically. I started GlobalMac IT in 2006 because I loved Apple computers and I loved business, and I put them together and just started making house calls.”

Today, Tom is an expert in the field and has written three books, including “Hassle- Free Mac I.T. Support for Law Firms,” “Legal Boost: Big Profits Through an I.T. Transformation,” and “Macs in Law: The Definitive Guide for the Mac-Curious, Windows-Using Attorney.”

He says that two things set GlobalMac IT apart: its specialization in Mac-using law firms and its company ethos.

“We’re a very entrepreneurship-driven company with a very clear culture. We know what we do and who we serve, and we enjoy it every step of the way,” he says.

GlobalMac IT’s core values are “Grow,” “Be the Hero,” and “Work Smart,” and it shows. We’re excited to work with them as we continue upgrading our IT. If you’re a Mac-using attorney (or a Mac user in general), you can start getting help from GlobalMacIT for free. They send out weekly emails with “Stupid Simple Mac Tips” that are short, informative, and easy to implement. Check out GlobalMacIT.com/ SSMT to learn more.