Pechman Law Group PLLC

Case Study
“Everybody we’ve worked with is always following up, walking us through things, never any attitude, always there to help. The attitude we get is that they get joy in fixing our problems. No issues in term of customer service, it’s A+.”
Lou Pechman


Based in New York City, Pechman Law Group is a team of six attorneys and five supporting professionals who represent both businesses and workers in workplace disputes. The firm handles a wide range of employment law issues, including sexual harassment, employment discrimination, and wage theft litigation. They understand, in and out, the intricacies of employment law and how to achieve the best results for all of their clients, whether it’s representing a Wall Street executive, a waiter in a restaurant or a Fortune 500 company.

As practiced legal professionals working all types of cases, it’s critical that the attorneys and their staff at Pechman Law have immediate, effortless access to information, applications, and files. Time-sensitivity and productivity are critical components of the work they do every day.

The law firm is also a Mac-based office, which in itself often comprises issues for attorneys, as the majority of law offices use PCs. When IT support was needed, Pechman Law struggled to find help, particularly from specialists who thoroughly understood Mac systems within a legal setting. Specifically, when Pechman Law did find IT support, they were often faced with providers who were experts with PCs but fell short when it came to working with Macs. Moreover, finding IT providers that could work patiently with the more tech-illiterate was important but next to impossible.

Pechman Law Group started looking for IT providers that specifically understood Mac systems and applications in and of themselves, but also how they worked within a legal setting. All too often, the providers they worked with in the past didn’t have the Mac expertise and knowledge needed to move forward in a timely manner.

Attorneys at Pechman Law were concerned about finding IT providers who were not only experts with Macs, but also could work with them in a way that they could actually understand. Patience for the more tech-illiterate was key, as they needed support that could help them understand their systems better to be as productive and efficient as possible.


There was some concern surrounding geography, as Pechman Law is based in the Big Apple and GlobalMac in Cleveland. But upon starting their work together, GlobalMac got Pechman Law set up with cloud-based software and new equipment needed to make their transition easier. From there, it was simply about finding the right approach and the best ways to assist this particular law firm and the cardinal work they do.

GlobalMac approached their work with an emphasis on education and customer service. With a better understanding of software and systems, GlobalMac knew that attorneys and staff at the law firm would be better able to work as efficiently as possible. In the past, tech illiteracy made understanding issues and working productively more difficult. GlobalMac understood that providing the firm with reliable and educational support would be tremendously beneficial to their productivity.

GlobalMac recognized that a fast response and immediate resolution was critically important to smooth operations within the firm. By utilizing customer service, patience, and rapid response times, IT issues were swiftly and efficiently resolved without holding up business

At the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, GlobalMac helped Pechman Law Group’s entire team seamlessly transition to working remotely. The firm was able to continue its day to day workflow, including internal and external meetings with the additional tools recommended and implemented by GlobalMac IT.


Since working with GlobalMac, Pechman Law Group hasn’t experienced IT issues that have held up their work. Critically, the law firm, its staff, and attorneys have received peace of mind and no longer need to worry about their IT support. Lou Pechman, one of the leading employment law attorneys in the country and an Adjunct Professor at Fordham Law School, states that the GlobalMac team has met and exceeded all of their expectations.

When asked about the most beneficial aspects of the service his firm received, Lou Pechman said “I think peace of mind is most important with respect to the work that you folks have been doing for us. I’m not worried about IT. That’s a big deal. It’s a time-saver and an added bonus is all of the people we’ve worked with have been a delight.”

“Everybody we’ve worked with is always following up, walking us through things, never any attitude, always there to help. The attitude we get is that they get joy in fixing our problems. No issues in term of customer service, it’s A+.”

Mr. Pechman also reported that he would be more than happy to refer colleagues to GlobalMac just like he would refer attorney colleagues to other clients. Primarily because of GlobalMac’s efficiency, quality customer service, efficiency, and time-sensitivity