Harrison & Mecklenburg, Inc.

Case Study
“I used to spend atleast 1/4 and up to 1/2 of time dealing with tech-related issues.”

Jared Harrison


Harrison & Mecklenburg, Inc. is a full-service law firm based out of Stillwater and Kingfisher, Oklahoma with eight attorneys and eight support staff. They were spending a lot of time managing IT themselves. They knew lawyers were not the best people to manage do this and decided it best to leave it to the professionals. They hoped to leverage technology more efficiently and increase security.

This realization was brought on as a result of their growth, spurred on by market growth in their area. When they were smaller, with only six people, they handled most of the technology on their own. As they grew, they realized the time to manage the technology themselves was continually increasing.

They had three primary objectives. Free up time spent dealing with technology so they could focus more time supporting their clients. Increase security throughout the firm to protect their client data. Find new solutions and methods to improve efficiency. Jared Harrison had met GlobalMac IT’s CEO, Tom Lambotte, multiple times, but this was when they still thought they could handle the technology needs on their own. When they looked at their current issues, they saw the potential of essentially being supported by a full-time IT staff. The firm was attracted to GlobalMac IT because of their focus on Mac-based law firms, meaning they understood the legal specific needs, challenges and solutions.


GlobalMac IT had an initial consultation discussing what their goals were as a firm. GlobalMac IT then used that to tailor a roadmap for the firm to address their issues. They jumped in and handled everything. From reviewing the firm’s software to ensure it was set up correctly, to suggesting ways to improve their processes. “They always have a quick answer to almost everything. The entire GlobalMac IT team has been supporting us from day one,” said attorney Jared Harrison.

It began with significant behind-the-scenes work. Ensuring all of their software and hardware was up to date and running efficiently, as well as making sure their network was properly secured and operating efficiently. They fixed a long time unresolved VPN issue between the two offices in the process.

As GlobalMac IT helped the firm embrace mobile technologies, the firm deployed more laptops and iPads. GlobalMac IT also directed them to group chat software to help their team communicate more efficiently and effectively across two locations. These decisions streamlined processes and ensured everything was secure.


Working with GlobalMac IT continues to evolve. As the firm grows or shifts focus, they need new ways to leverage technology. GlobalMac IT brings solutions during quarterly focusing calls to suggest changes and implement new processes as required.

The firm reports leveraging technology in a way that enables them to better serve their clients. They are significantly more secure that they had been when handling the technology and security needs on their own. The security is monitored by a team of professionals to ensure they are one step ahead of the newest security risks. In the short-term, the firm reported the most significant immediate gain was increased productivity. With GlobalMac IT monitoring their systems, they quickly had far less downtime for tech-related issues.

“I used to spend at least l/4 and up to l/2 of my time dealing with tech-related issues,” said Jared Harrison.

In addition to reduced downtime, another long-term benefit they reported is an increase in billable hours. Especially for attorney Jared Harrison, whose time to focus on client matters has increased dramatically. This has been great for the firm because of an increased workload which he was able to convert into additional billable hours. Previously, as the main person in charge of technology, he had spent between ¼ to ½ of his time in that role. Others in the firm can get back to their tasks faster. Prior to GlobalMac IT, anyone with an issue had to either interrupt Jared or wait until he was available to help. The measurable benefit has been better opportunities to stay on track and focus on their client’s needs.