Bick Law LLC

Case Study
“Reduced downtime, reliable infrastructure, and controlled spending were among the benefits that we experienced after working with GlobalMac IT”
Carolyn France
Office Administrator


Bick Law was formed with the goal of building a world-class environmental law firm focused on serving the needs of business clients. Kimberly Bick, the firm’s founding partner, launched Bick Law to provide “Big Law” clients with skilled environmental counseling.

With offices in Southern California, the firm is well-positioned to meet the diverse demands of global business clients. Attorneys have substantial “Big Law” experience and have practiced environmental law at the highest levels throughout their careers.

Bick Law is a Mac-based law firm comprising five attorneys and support staff. Coming from Big Law, the attorneys were used to the caliber and support that comes from having in-house IT team, but to start with they outsourced IT. The first company they hired met their IT needs for the first four to six months, but then they had a falling out.

They selected another IT company, and again they seemed to do well until someone bought the IT company, resulting in a drop-off in performance and ability to support their hardware and application needs.

After hiring a third IT company in three years, they had problems with their Mac server. The new IT company recommended that they spend $26,000 on a new Windows server; the company told them it would be “so much easier” if they were on Windows. Bick Law decided it would be much easier to find a new IT company.

Bick Law wanted to find a company to support its IT infrastructure, individual desktop needs, and applications. It was also important that the IT firm had an in-depth understanding of Macs and the needs of a law firm.

In addition, they wanted an IT provider that would integrate well with their firm, as part of their team assisting with IT strategy. Their ideal scenario was an IT provider completely in-tune with their business needs and with an in-depth knowledge of specific applications used in their business.

Their biggest technology goal was to increase the reliability of remote work as they had persistent problems with remote data access. They also wanted a tech support team that was attentive and familiar with Macs and also capable of understanding the firms’ workflows. Last, they wanted to embrace more cloud solutions to improve service delivery to their clients.


GlobalMac IT was referred to Bick Law by CHL Software, the makers of DocMoto, a Mac-based document, and email management software for the Mac. Bick Law’s Office Administrator, Carolyn France, felt confident GlobalMac IT was the best provider for their needs after their first meeting.

GlobalMac IT took a multi-step approach to Bick Law’s issues. In their first meeting, GlobalMac IT’s CEO, Tom Lambotte and Carolyn France discussed needs and goals. The team at GlobalMac IT then performed due diligence to review the infrastructure, which included a meeting with everyone to determine specific procedures and requirements.

After a thorough review of all technical and procedural components of their application, hardware, and infrastructure needs, GlobalMac IT outlined a plan for day-to-day support. They established short-term and long-term goals for ensuring that the firm’s technology was efficient and secure.

Implementation began as soon as the goals were set and GlobalMac IT has continued to offer improvements that maximize Bick Law‘s efficiencies. It had been a long journey, but upon hiring GlobalMac IT in November 2017, Bick Law achieved their vision of a secure and reliable technical infrastructure and stellar support.


Since engaging with GlobalMac IT, Bick Law’s technical and productivity issues have drastically reduced. Carolyn reports that the GlobalMac IT team has met and exceeded their objectives for security, reliability, and productivity.

Almost immediately, their employees experienced an increase in their productivity and gained confidence in the reliability and security of the hardware and software.

“The changes implemented by GlobalMac IT have reduced downtime and helped to control our spending on applications, hardware, and support. As a company, we enjoy a great sense of security and confidence in the reliability of our infrastructure,” said Carolyn France.

“Without a doubt, our partnership with GlobalMac IT has resulted in significant improvements in our daily processes and has helped our firm achieve our intended goals for our IT infrastructure, security, and productivity.”