Stupid Simple Security Tip #23 – Dark Web, Darker News

by | Jun 3, 2021

Continuing our series on COVID-driven cybersecurity threats, let’s take a look at the Dark Web: a nefarious presence that seems almost fictional but is the home to some very real threats.

You may not know what the Dark Web is, but that doesn’t mean it’s unaware of you — so arm yourself with a bit of knowledge and a quick lesson on how to stay safe.

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The “Dark Web” refers to Internet areas that are neither indexed nor publicly available; access requires special software, and its traffic is untraceably anonymous. It isn’t inherently illegal, but no one needs that kind of privacy just to swap cookie recipes.

All manner of illicit activity can be found there. Still, the gravest threats to your law firm’s security are vaccine and phishing scam kits, marketplaces swapping stolen credentials, and ransomware attacks spawned by stolen data (which saw a 300% jump in profits during 2020).

Undercover of COVID chaos, Dark Web activity surged 44%, driving a doubling of cybercrime complaints in 2020 – cybercrimes that target everyone on the regular web and our assets in real life.

What can you do?

We’ve already discussed methods to browse safely, avoid phishing scams, and limit your password exposure…but to entirely fend off Dark Web threats and combat commoditization of your data, you need someone to shine a light into shadowy corners and keep an eye on your info.

Luckily, Security+ has you covered.

One of Security+’s eight layers of protection is Dark Web monitoring, which continuously scans for compromised data from your domain(s) and lets your employees ensure the security of their identities and credentials. This proactive breach detection allows minimization of the damage, and our included cybersecurity insurance can reimburse losses that do occur. 

You don’t need to visit the Dark Web to become one of its victims, but you need someone who’s been there to protect you; let us keep an eye on the Internet’s underbelly so you can stay focused on your firm.

Do you have questions about the Dark Web, horror stories to tell about surviving it or delicious cookie recipes you want to swap in a safe place? Drop me a line via [email protected] and put “Dark Web” in the subject line.