Stupid Simple Mac Tips #97 – Do You Right-Click?

by | May 12, 2022

Right-click gives you all kinds of power, from the basic copy and paste to all the different options offered by the apps you are working in.

Most importantly, if you’re a PC convert, it will give you back the powers you thought you had lost.

If you haven’t enabled right-click yet – DO IT!

I know this tip is so basic and stupid; you’re probably rolling your eyes at me. Congrats if you are already taking advantage of this tip!

Can you share this SSMT with the Mac users you know to help them like their Macs even more?

Ok, here’s the HOW to do it for your Trackpad or Mouse.  Open System Preferences

  1. Click on Trackpad or Mouse
  2. Check the box that says “Secondary Click.”

If you haven’t found the magic of the Trackpad yet, I suggest reading my series of Stupid Simple Mac Tips on the Trackpad, where I share my favorite features.