Stupid Simple Mac Tips #72 – Email RIP? No- DIY!

by | Mar 30, 2021

Let’s explore one more way that SaneBox optimizes your inbox (and your life) because the most fundamental way to streamline any workday is improving the email experience.

For years, industry think pieces (likely penned by the same soothsayers who warned about Y2K) have predicted the impending death of email…a pronouncement that surprises every lawyer I work with and me. In fact, recent studies show many workers still spend a quarter of their workday addressing messages.

Stupid Simple Mac Tips #72 - Email RIP? No- DIY!

So how do we stay on top of the really important stuff?

We’ve already seen how SaneBox declutters inboxes by disappearing unwanted authors (@SaneBlackHole) and deferring non-urgent correspondence (@SaneLater).

Another great feature of SaneBox is using trainable DIY folders, where it can prioritize key incoming messages requiring prompt attention.

Maybe you have a case in a delicate stage of litigation, an impatient client who demands speedy responses, overdue dep transcripts needed to finish motions, court filings that can’t slip between the cracks.

For all these cases creating custom DIY folders can be a life-saver (not to mention a major stress reducer). Creating a few of these takes minutes (but you do a limit of 6 of these DIY folder). Then you drag-and-drop a few examples and SaneBox’s AI will do the rest.

Stupid Simple Mac Tips #72 - Email RIP? No- DIY!

By automatically flagging-and-filing these messages, you’ll not only be alerted to their arrival, but find them instantly organized on your sidebar for easy access later – no more sorting, scrolling, and searching as you gradually lose your sanity. (Pro tip: Star these folders in Outlook so they show at the top, right under your Inbox.)

Another problem solved!

Perhaps the techno-pundits are right, and email will soon go the way of the dodo; documents will download to microchips in our head, and courts will convene on TikTok, but until that day, it makes sense to have the most efficient inbox possible.

That’s what SaneBox gives you.

As an intuitive web-based service that integrates with any email host to eliminate trash, spotlight gold, and let you read the rest at your leisure for one low monthly price, I think it’s well worth it. Give it a try.

Next, we’re going to take a look at Krisp, a noise-canceling app that makes your audio more professional for the age of online meetings. I hope you’re all ears!