Stupid Simple Mac Tips #61 – Take Advantage of the Dropdown Menu (or URL menu)

by | Dec 22, 2020

We know you have a lot of meetings to book, and programs like are great for organizing different meetings. Unique URLs are based on the individual meeting type.

I am a huge fan of and like them for their range of options and functionality, while also maintaining a very clean user interface.

Stupid Simple Mac Tips #61 – Take Advantage of the Dropdown Menu (or URL menu)

One of my favorite features of is having different links for different meetings.  You can have the default set; 15-, 30-, or 60-minute meetings, but can also set up meeting types for client consultants, strategy calls, or even job interviews.

I use the app extensively and it easily saves me 50+ emails per month of wasted back and forth and also helps prepare each kind of meeting type.

One issue I ran into was keeping track of each of the different URLs.

If you use Outlook, a really helpful tool is the Add-In. (there’s today’s BONUS tip) It is free for users and lets you access all meeting types AND create on-the-fly meetings with the time slots you select!

It’s great, but I needed easier and faster. In walked TextExpander.

I created the workaround so that I could instantly bring up a list of Calendly meeting types and scroll with my arrow keys to choose the one I want to expand.

Here’s how to create a drop-down snippet.

  1. Use the “Fill-in” Popup Menu.
  1. Enter one URL per line.
  2. Check the “default” button for URLs you use the most.
  3. Easily use your up and down arrows to access the URL you need, awesome!

What I love about this is that once the snippet is called up, I can use my Up/Down arrows to choose the event type and then hit “Enter” to expand the snippet.

Stay organized and ready for your next meeting with this handy tool.

Are you convinced that TextExpander is one of the best tools around? What are you waiting for? Download it and start saving time and energy.

The concludes our series on TextExpander.

Are you ready to learn about Slack?   Stay tuned.