Stupid Simple Mac Tips #32 – Have a Two-Way Conversation with Your Mac

by | Jun 25, 2023

Now, I’m not suggesting you pop open a bottle of wine and have in-depth conversations over candlelight with your Mac (though I’m not saying you shouldn’t!). But in this edition of Stupid Simple Tips, you’ll learn that you can talk and listen to your Mac.

Let’s Get the Conversation Started

On older macOS models, Dictation made for a valuable listen-and-talk feature. But as of 2016, the macOS Sierra launched and made Siri a part of the Apple Mac arsenal. This upgrade has led to a far more versatile set of capabilities.

Using the tool is straightforward, you can either:

  • For a couple of seconds, hold down ‘Command’ and ‘Space.’


  • Navigate to your Dock or Menu Bar, click the ‘Siri” button


  • On newer Macs, such as the 2018 MacBook Pro, it’s possible to use the voice command, ‘Hey Siri.’

It’s worth noting that Siri on an advanced macOS is way more useful than the regular iPhone version. For instance, on the macOS Mojave, you can control Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Also, it’s possible to pull up files in your system, depending on the information you can provide your Siri. Lastly, on the latest devices, you can access apps through voice commands.

I hope this rendition of Stupid Simple Tips really speaks to you.