Stupid Simple Mac Tips #26–Sharing (Quick and Efficiently) is Caring

by | Apr 21, 2020

As a lawyer, throughout the day, you’re sharing any number of things with friends and colleagues.

It could be a vital document, or it could be a joke about how you eat too many tacos.

Also, as a lawyer, time is of the essence—and the quicker you can share, the better. For that precise reason, Apple provides a dedicated ‘Share’ Menu on all its systems—which is the topic of today’s Stupid Simple Mac Tips.

Accessing the ‘Share’ Menu

On most Mac OS systems, the ‘Share’ Menu is accessible via clicking the icon of the very same name.

Say you’re in Safari, for instance. It’s possible to share your currently viewed website, merely by clicking the ‘Share’ icon.

In the absence of this ‘Share’ icon, you can control-click the content you’re aiming to disperse amongst your friends.   A context menu should pop up with its own ‘share option.’

Generally, the ‘Share’ menu should adjust and customize itself based on what you’re sharing.

Options should be different if you’re sharing text via Notes versus sharing an image via Apple’s Photos application.

Sharing the love has never been more streamlined and efficient!