Stupid Simple Mac Tips #103 – Make the “Finder” Default Folder the One You Access MostMos

by | Jan 17, 2023

Unless and until you tell it differently, your Mac will always open a folder labeled “Recents” every time you click the “Finder” icon.

However, changing the “Finder” default folder from “Recents” to whichever you access most often during your busy day can help make you more productive.

The problem with keeping “Recents” as the default folder is that it contains all the other folders you’ve accessed today and in days prior. So, when you open “Recents,” you may have to sift through a potentially long list of folders to locate the one you actually want, and that’s just inefficient.

It’s much more convenient to have your most-accessed folder open up right off the bat, which you can set up by a simple change to your “Finder” settings.

Here’s how to make a folder other than “Recents,” the one that “Finder” by default puts immediately in front of your eyes.

Step 1. From your onscreen desktop, select “Finder” on the left side of the menu bar near the top of the screen.

Step 2. Select “Settings” or (using the keyboard shortcut) press “Command” plus the comma key:

Step 3. One of the tabs you’ll then see is labeled “General.” Click it and select the drop-down menu beneath the “New Finder Windows Show” option.

Step 4. Up will pop a list of folders recommended for you. These include “Desktop,” “Documents,” and “iCloud.” Also listed will be one called “Other.” That one—“Other”—is what you’ll want to click if you don’t care for any of the recommended folders and want to select something else. Whichever folder you select, your next move is to click the “Choose” button to make that your default opener folder in “Finder.”

Ta-da! Now you will be working with more efficiency and ease every time you open Finder on your Mac.