Stupid Simple Mac Tips #102 New to Mac?

by | Dec 8, 2022

Congratulations, ex-Windows user, on your decision to switch from Microsoft to Apple.

However, before your law firm can begin reaping the rewards of that conversion, you first need to get acclimated to how a Mac operates.

(Not a recent convert? No problem, chances are you’ll still gain a little insight from this quick Stupid Simple Mac Tip.)

Some of the basic tasks you’ll want to perform on your Mac are pretty much the same as on your Windows PC. For example, you tap the right corner of the mouse (or use two fingers on the trackpad) to open a contextual menu or pull up information about a file.

Other tasks are different, though. Here are the main ones you’ll need to know about:

Mouse/trackpad settings. Open this dialog to choose the function that each button on your pointing device will perform when clicked—also to configure scroll direction and swipe gestures.

Volume adjustment. Raise, lower, or mute sound levels by using the volume keys on your keyboard or by going to the menu bar and opening the Control Center.

Control panel. Access it by going to the Dock and clicking System Settings).

Alternatively,  click the Apple menu and then choose System Settings.

Browse files/apps. In the Dock, click the icon for the Finder.

Find and open files. Clicking the Spotlight in the menu bar opens a search field, or even easier: press command + spacebar to bring up the Spotlight search field. Start typing the filename of what you want to find, and when it shows up, double-click it to open.

Find and open apps. The same procedure is for finding/opening files, except you will go to the Dock and click the Launchpad.

Recycle bin. Go to the Dock and click Trash.

Rename files. Select a file, give it a single click, press the Return key, give the file its new name, then press the Return key to make it official.

Preview files. Select a file and press the Space bar for a sneak peek (Quick Look) at its contents without having to open the file.