Stupid Simple Mac Tip #92 – Keeping Your Docs in a Row

by | Aug 31, 2021

You must have some love for documents if you decided to become an attorney.At least, I hope you do; research, client files, discovery, and court filings all leave lawyers floundering in paper.

The computer revolution turned paper to pixels and shifted clutter from the desk to your screen…but laptops crammed randomly with digital records still tend to feel pretty chaotic.

Luckily, a handy Mac trick helps you convert files in a snap -let me show you how to keep your docs in a row.

You probably know that your Mac can convertalmostany viewable format into a PDF simply by using its print function (if you didn’t, this part of the tip alone is worth the price…which is free).

Wherever you’rebrowsing or working, just call up the print window (⌘-P) and bypass your physical printer to select the PDF dropdown option on the lower left. From there, select “Save as PDF,”and your Mac will convert whatever is open to an PDFdocument –including the formatting, images, and all.

I realize most users will know this one. As stated these are stupid simple. That being said, I ‘m confident this will be new for many readers and will create some magical aha! Moments. Till next time.