Stupid Simple Mac Tip #89 – New Hotness

by | Aug 3, 2021

Working at a smaller firm often means days spent hustling around town: from courthouse to clients to deps and discovery, dashing between spots lacking solid Wi-Fi.

The rise of remote working means even less predictable access. When most offices are closed, suddenly all the world’s a cubicle – so how do you keep your Mac connected?

I was raised to be self-reliant, so instead of depending on strangers’ Wi-Fi, I’m always ready to be my own hotspot and connect my Mac through my iPhone.

I know what you’re thinking: “C’mon Tom – even I know about tethering my Mac to my iPhone– that’s not much of a tip!”

OK, but did you know that Apple’s Instant Hotspot feature allows you to connect devices with one click and no setup or password? And by turning on Auto Hotspot, your Mac will automatically sync to your mobile connection when no familiar Wi-Fi is in range?

Now those are tips!

Apology accepted.