Stupid Simple Mac Tip #86 – Sneak Preview

by | Jul 6, 2021

Sometimes the best tips are little things sitting right under our noses – no installation, no subscription, just an “a-ha!” moment on finding another way to get the most out of our Mac.

Last week we uncovered the broad uses of Command-F, now let’s try another often overlooked macOS trick that’s a simple, efficient timesaver: Quick Look.

Quick Look is a universal previewer that gives you a glimpse of almost any file without the need to open it. Sounds basic, but it’s especially helpful when looking for just the right item/version among docs, decks, PDFs, images, spreadsheets – even audio and video files — without the time to boot up each program.

Just highlight a file (whether in a folder, Finder results, or straight from the desktop) and hit the spacebar to instantly open a window previewing a look (or listen) of the contents. That’s it.

It’s another of those “how did I not know that?!” moments.