Stupid Simple Mac Tip #75 – Krisp: Keep it Down!

by | Apr 20, 2021

Selective listening is an annoying trait that damages relationship communication…at least, I think my wife said something to that effect, I wasn’t really paying attention.

On the other hand, selective hearing is a handy trick that permits us to isolate essential sounds within a chorus of noises, and Krisph as made it much more manageable.

We’ve already witnessed Krisp’s ability to eliminate local audio distractions while enhancing our voice on calls, but that’s little help when someone else has joined the meeting from the front row of their child’s recital.

All it takes is one participant with noise on their end to disrupt an entire meeting – an echo, some buzzing, barking in the background, maybe a sound they’ve grown used to but it ends up being all you can hear.

It’s embarrassing for them, awkward for the call, and there are only so many times you can ask others to mute.

If only Krisp’s technology could be applied to what we hear and not only what we say.

Behold –your wish is granted!

Clicking on Krisp’s “remove noise” feature applies the same filters and AI algorithms to the speaker, removing extraneous sound from their end and allowing you to concentrate on what’s being said.

I don’t use this all the time (ideally,everyone on your team and your Zooms will already be using the Krisp mic)…but when necessary, it works like a charm and can salvage an impossible situation.

I’m still waiting for “Krispectacles” – goggles that filter out other callers’ wildly distracting backgrounds…

…but for now, I’ll settle for this easy, affordable, brilliant audio app that lowers anxiety and heightens rewards during long days spent in tiny windows.

Speaking of which – my next series of tips will focus on Zoom, not the basic ubiquitous service, but three awesome add-ons that I couldn’t live without (and that will soon hook you, as well).

That’s next week. Until then, I’ll be apologizing to my wife…