Stupid Simple Mac Tip #66 – CloudApp Annotations

by | Feb 9, 2021

Last week I shared my excitement and endorsement for CloudApp, a user-friendly video-and-image-sharing application that adds humanity and clarity to your team’s daily communication workflow.

I also gave you a homework assignment to download the app (which offers a free version)… you did download it, right? Don’t try telling me that your dog ate your screen, you’re reading this!

OK, I’ll wait while you install it — then hurry back so I can share how CloudApp not only lets you

unify recording and sharing quick videos and screenshot annotation into one easy-to-use platform but also offers the video, image, audio, and file-sharing experience across Windows, Mac, Chrome, and iOS.


If you’ve ever added funny glasses and emoji stickers to a selfie, and thought, “I wish I could do this with business documents”…you’re a bit odd, but also on to something.

Your Mac can take screenshots and edit them, that’s not a revolutionary feature. The difference with CloudApp is the ease of sharing. CloudApp’s native annotation tool lets you share AND mark up almost any image format: add lines, arrows, circles, text, blurring effects (and yes, emojis) quickly. See how easy this is:

When finished you’ve got multiple methods to share the finished image:

  1. Drag and Drop (my preferred way)
  2. Copy link (gets a URL you can insert)
  3. Copy content (directly to your clipboard)

Whether communicating with colleagues or clients, this is an ideal way to add emphasis or explanation to key material and make your communication even more efficient. Ok. You’ve got the app installed. The next time you find yourself describing something visual via clicks and clacks on your keyboard, reach for this tool and save yourself some time (and keystrokes)