Revolutionizing Contract Management: A Deep Dive into Henchman’s AI-Powered Drafting Solutions

by | Aug 29, 2023

We were honored to host Bartel Van Herreweghe from Henchman on our recent webinar, where he provided an insightful overview of this incredible contract drafting tool. His expertise and passion for legal technology were evident as he walked us through Henchman’s core features and upcoming innovations. The live demonstration allowed us to witness the power and efficiency of Henchman firsthand, and we are grateful to Bartell for sharing his knowledge with our audience.

For those who missed the webinar, a downloadable recording is available, and we encourage you to discover how Henchman is revolutionizing the legal drafting process. The future of legal technology is here, and we are thrilled to share this exciting journey with you.

In the rapidly evolving world of legal technology, Henchman is emerging as a game-changer. This cutting-edge platform, designed specifically for legal professionals, revolutionizes how contracts are drafted. From intelligent search functions to AI-powered drafting assistance, Henchman is leveraging existing data and adding a layer of intelligence that promises to transform the legal landscape.

Below are some key features and opportunities that Henchman offers and how it’s poised to become an indispensable tool for law firms and businesses alike.

Henchman’s Core Features

1. Intelligent Search Capabilities

Henchman’s intelligent search function allows legal professionals to tap into existing data within their document management system (DMS). Users can quickly find what they need without manual effort by extracting clauses, definitions, and documents. The system supports various DMS, including NetDocuments, Epona, OneDrive, Google Drive, and SharePoint.

2. AI-Powered Drafting Assistance

The platform’s AI capabilities enable users to draft and negotiate complex contracts easily. By leveraging existing data and adding a layer of AI, Henchman can generate content based on context and workflow. This includes smart replace functions, help rewrites, and even translation capabilities.

3. Interactive Contract Interaction

Henchman’s Interact feature allows users to ask questions directly to their documents. By analyzing the document, the system can summarize answers and provide sources for reference. This interactive capability was developed in collaboration with Henchman’s customer advisory board, ensuring practical use cases.

4. Outline Creation for Quality Control

The Outline feature automatically outlines the entire document, allowing users to reference specific clauses quickly. This practical tool aids in quality control and speeds up time-consuming actions.

5. Event and Effect Tables

Henchman’s intelligent actions can create event and effect tables, putting events and effects next to each other for easy comparison. This feature helps in understanding complex clauses and can be used to communicate with clients effectively.

The Future of Henchman

Henchman’s commitment to innovation is evident in its upcoming features. Soon, users can find similar clauses within their documents and leverage additional filtering options. The platform also plans to expand its support for other document management systems.

Pricing and Onboarding

Henchman offers a flexible pricing model based on volume and deployment speed, with an average cost of around $100 per drafter per month. The onboarding process is efficient and easy to implement, and most attorneys are ready to use Henchman within 48 hours of signing up.


Henchman is more than just another legal tech tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that addresses legal professionals’ unique challenges. Combining AI with existing data gives Henchman a seamless experience that enhances efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration. Whether searching for specific clauses, drafting complex contracts, or interacting with live documents, Henchman’s features empower legal professionals in their daily tasks. With continuous innovation and a customer-centric approach, Henchman is set to redefine the future of legal technology.

The collaboration with Henchman and the opportunity to explore this game-changing platform has been a highlight for us. We sincerely thank Bartel and the entire Henchman team for their partnership and for contributing to the advancement of legal technology.

For more information or to take advantage of commercial benefits exclusive to webinar participants, interested parties can contact Henchman directly at [email protected] to schedule a demo. The future of legal drafting is here, and Henchman powers it.