IT Insurance – 007 at Your Service

by | Sep 24, 2020

The senior partner of a firm had just called our emergency line and told us his laptop and iPhone were stolen just minutes ago from a small café in Paris, France (not to be confused with Paris, TX).

I couldn’t help slightly grinning, knowing all of his client data was both completely secure and backed up, thanks to the tools and best practices we had in place, and having complete certainty that he would be fully operational and back to work within a few minutes.

Rare moments like these, where we get to use the full capability of our tools, makes everyone on our team feel a bit like 007.

We had him enroll his wife’s iPhone into our Mobile Device Management solution and tapped into the magical powers of our IT solutions with the click of a few buttons on our end.

Within less than 5 minutes, our client had full access to his email, contacts, calendars, case management system, and firm files.

The work he had been working on minutes before the event was all backed up, and he picked up right where he left off.

Best of all, this was all accomplished with very little effort on our end and done in a calm and collected manner.

This last part is key, as we know what it’s like to receive stressed out, unconfident support on the other end of the line. This allowed our client to remain calm and comfortable through the process, as we put our tools to use from the other side of the globe.

He went back to work and enjoyed the rest of his work-action; our clients’ trip was shaken a bit, but not stirred.

Disasters happen. Unplanned events. “Acts of God.”

This is why we carry at least half a dozen types of insurance. We do so to have peace of mind and certainty in times of chaos.

You see, when something happens, your reaction should be calm and collected, “Well, that sucks, but I have a plan for this in place.”

For example, if you lost your phone or dropped your laptop, what would happen? Well, there’s the financial hit of the loss of hardware, but the data you’ve most recently worked on is, in most cases, irreplaceable.

Besides, the risk of a data breach is not to be taken lightly.

When you’ve got the right IT Best Practices, support, and solutions in place, your response should be something like this: “Oh snap, I lost the hardware, but the “stuff” is secure, backed up AND I have solutions in place to get back up and running with minimal effort.”

In this scenario, GlobalMac IT was able to save the day. We calmly and confidently explained to our client that:

  • All of his firm and client data on his laptop and iPhone was completely secure, and there was zero risk of a data breach.
  • Everything he had been working on up to the fateful restroom break was backed up to our cloud file system and backup solution.
  • He would be back up and running in a matter of minutes.

The role of IT in most small to medium law firms is often not taken seriously enough.

For example, we see far too many firms using one of Amazon’s most highly rated and inexpensive, residential router or an Apple Extreme Base Station, to protect their firm’s network.

We commonly see people doing their own IT or receiving support from their neighbor’s son living at home.

You cannot expect someone whom you pay hourly and only in dire situations to implement pro-active solutions.

Everyone has come across a legal case in which had they called you 6 months earlier, their case would have been much easier to take on and win.

It’s the same with IT.

I challenge you to question the role of IT in your firm and how it is currently being approached.

Is it a reactive model?


“If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” model? – (with 7-year-old XP machines that are both a security risk and a massive loss leader in productivity in your firm).

If you had been the one traveling in Paris and had your laptop and iPhone stolen with all your firm data on it, how would you have reacted and how quickly would you have been backed up and running?

James Bond did not make or guess which tools he would need on his missions, Q always provided them ahead of time.

Who’s your Q?