Excited to Share: Presenting at the Law Firm Growth Summit!

by | Jan 20, 2021

I am thrilled to share that I will be presenting at the Law Firm Growth Summit on February 10th hosted by Moshe Amsel of the popular Profit with Law Podcast.

Dozens of well-known industry leaders and experts will be sharing their best content and what is working now and for the future in law firm growth.

The legal industry experienced the single fastest adoption of technology in 2020. Given the recent stresses and changes in the legal industry, how should you position your firm to be the number one choice for potential clients now and in the future? Are you adapting or still hoping things get back to normal?

To identify your plan of action, I suggest you join more than 3,000 law firm owners and dozens of industry experts at the Law Firm Growth Summit virtual conference.

Conference Highlights:

  • Virtual and Live Workshops, with live delivery and breakout rooms that will contain hands-on workshops.
  • This conference includes 30+ speakers over three days.
  • Networking, Entertainment, and Prizes – everyone needs human connection, and that is true now more than ever.  This event includes the chance for peer to peer networking, some fun, and a grand prize to end the event on a positive note.
  • Keynote Speakers
    • Mike Michalowicz – Author of Profit First
    • Kevin Harrington – Original Shark of Shark Tank
    • David Neagle – International Success Coach

Yes, it’s spread out over 3 days. But the beauty in the low cost of the event is that to justify the investment you only need one idea to easily 10X your return your investment.

You don’t need to take 3 days off of work and attend every single session.

Check out all the speakers and topics and highlight the 3-5 sessions that most appeal to you, and attend those. Guaranteed win.

How to pick those? Answer the following questions:

  1. What needs solving?
  2. If I were to look back 30 days after the Law Firm Growth Summit and say, “wow, that was SOO worth it, it was easily the best event I attended all year” – what would need to be true for that be the case?

Take 5 minutes to answer those questions, then go sign up.

Okay, thanks for your time.

In my professional opinion, that is a steal. Even if you can only attend one session you benefit from, it’ll pay for itself many times over.

I hope to ‘see’ you virtually at the event!

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