Does Your Practice Need a Document Management System?

by | Mar 1, 2022

When Should Your Law Firm Consider Adding a Document Management Software?

  1. Your Files/Documents are fragmented and scattered.
  2. Your file system is a mess of unstructured folders
  3. You need to classify and annotate documents
  4. You need robust search capabilities
  5. You are concerned that your current documentation system will not comply with the ABA requirements for data protection.

DocMoto       >>> VS >>>    Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox  

Solo and small firm Mac users rely on the most common cloud-based file storage solutions. GlobalMac IT uses Box for our file share, and I rely on iCloud for my family’s data. Most of our clients also use Box, with the occasional firm using Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

These tools work very well for most small firms when properly configured and organized. But I also have a strong belief that the tools that get you where you are won’t get you where you’re going. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.

For example, not every firm needs our complete Managed Service offering. I have found that when a firm reaches 7-10 total headcount, the complexity increases to the point where it does make sense for our team to implement our processes and outsource their IT.

Similarly, when document management volume, complexity, and specific needs grow to a certain level, it makes sense for firms with a ten total headcount and above to consider a more robust document management system.

Lawyers from BigLaw or medium-sized firms are often familiar with Windows-based document management systems, such as Worldox, NetDocuments, or iManage. These solutions do not work well on Macs (even though their salesmen will tell you otherwise – trust us, we know from direct experience). In addition, their solution is priced for larger firms due to their strict user minimums and (much) higher fees.

Enter DocMoto. This product was built for the Mac, specifically to address this need. Their team, based out of the UK, has been developing and supporting this product for well over a decade, and they have a raving fan base, if I may say so. Several of our clients are happy customers.

DocMoto is not a fit for all firms, but it does boast many unique features that go well beyond your ‘standard’ cloud-hosted file storage solution.

If you’d like to learn more about DocMoto, GlobalMac IT is
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Some of my favorite features are:

Familiar app-based interface – DocMoto is app-based for both Windows and Mac. It does not have the restrictions of pure browser-based solutions. For example, users can drag both in and out of the app. It is also familiar to work with; on Windows, it feels like Explorer; on Mac, it feels like Finder.

Fast & efficient searching – Even today, users still can’t find things with our technology. DocMoto fully indexes all your file’s OCR’d content.

As well as the standard file name and file content searchability, DocMoto’s sophisticated document and folder tagging help users quickly find whatever they are trying to find.

Email & attachment management – From native plugins for Outlook and Gmail to automated email routing or just plain old drag and drop, DocMoto provides easy, workable methods to manage your emails.

Secure sharing – DocMoto provides a fully integrated sharing platform to support working with third-party organizations.

Shares are secure, managed, and time-limited and support several additional key features to make securely sharing a breeze.

Integrated Experience – DocMoto is integrated into a user’s Mac or Windows device through DocMoto Drive. Files can be accessed directly from Finder or Windows Explorer, making it the perfect choice for working with all your apps, from Office 365 to Google’s G-suite.

Automated revision control – Any document or file added to the DocMoto server will be automatically revision controlled. Older versions of your files are kept, allowing users to revert or compare versions with a simple click.

Cloud and on-premise options – DocMoto can be accessible as a cloud service or installed on-premise. The choice is yours, and the experience is identical.

If you are not sure about the cloud, no problem, use DocMoto on-premise, then migrate to the cloud when you are ready.

Full audit trail & reporting – DocMoto provides a complete log of every user’s action. This can be used to provide management with a complete audit trail against any digital asset, giving peace of mind and helping to maintain compliance.

Robust file classification – User definable tags can be associated with files making searching and classification simple and powerful. DocMoto can also be configured to force users to enter tag data at file check-in, a project code, matter id, or the amount of time spent on a revision.

Free Webinar: DocMoto-Changing the Status Quo for Document Management Systems

If you’d like to see it in action and find out more about DocMoto, GlobalMac IT is hosting DocMoto on Thursday, March 10, 2022, for a 1-hour free webinar.  Register Now