Do Volvo Drivers Need to Wear Seatbelts?

by | Jul 9, 2020

Do Volvo Drivers Need to Wear Seatbelts?

I want you to hear me out as I discuss a crucial metaphor.

It’s universally understood that a Volvo is the safest car you can drive. It’s how the company has built itself as a brand. The ultra-high-strength steel gives you the utmost protection from any collision because it dissipates impact.

But what happens when you fail to wear a seatbelt?

All the structural benefits of the automobile mean very little. You’ve failed to perform the most baseline protective act. As such, you’ve left yourself vulnerable to the most damaging outcome in the case of a crash.

How does this relate to you as a lawyer?

Personally, I’ve seen it far too many times, where Mac-using lawyers believe they do not need to worry about security threats because they are on a Mac.

Yes, Macs Are Superior with Security

Just like someone buying a Volvo – with safety in mind – has made the correct choice, so has a lawyer purchasing a Mac for the same reasons.

As a lawyer, you’re working with highly sensitive information related to your firm and clients. You need the computer with the most robust security standards at a base level. Windows devices simply don’t offer that and require too many extra efforts to bolster protection from cyberthreats.

More specifically, Macs are Unix-based, making them more challenging to exploit than Windows.

However, that doesn’t mean once you’ve purchased a Mac, you can check off the security box. Having a Mac all on its own isn’t enough to protect you from the wide range of cyberthreats.

Think about it like this:

Your Volvo protects you from the accident since there are bad drivers on the road, and even you make mistakes while behind the wheel. Putting on your seatbelt ensures the Volvo can do its job protecting you from human error. Failing to do so neutralizes the impressive safety technology.

We Can All Be Threats to Ourselves

There’s something very few of us would like to admit.

We can all be duped. Everybody can click on a phishing email or download malware that destroys your Mac. 

Yes, you’re a high-functioning, well-educated professional, but cybercriminals continually elevate their scams to the next level. Their attempts are more and more convincing. They’ve honed their craft at making you think something that is meant to con you out money or private information (or both) is legit. They are savvy enough to fool the most intelligent of people.

Sure, you probably won’t fall victim to some nefarious phishing scheme when you’re thinking clearly. However, imagine you’re only half paying attention and receive an email from someone you believe is your client, asking for a delicate piece of information. This is when it’s easy to make a mistake.

With that said, Macs might be better than PCs for security purposes, but they don’t protect us from human error. You can’t rely on the presence of your Mac alone to keep you safe from security threats. You need additional layers of security to protect you from today’s security threats.

Let Me Reiterate, the Mac Still Gives You an Advantage

The kicker with all that I’m saying – Macs are still the superior choice for security. But you have to do more than just be on a Mac. Doing nothing more than using a Mac will leave you vulnerable. You’ll be kicking yourself when you’ve made that little mistake.

We have witnessed firsthand the damage that can occur upon a law firm who thinks they don’t need additional security measures beyond being on a Mac. These security measures can range from integrated anti-phishing platforms, FileVault enforcement, password management tools, to 2-Factor-authentication.

When combined, these additional security layers greatly reduce your risk of a data breach and provide far more protection to your firm than just being on a Mac.

How Can You Put on Your “Seatbelt” While Using Your Mac?

Unfortunately, there’s no seatbelt you can attach to your work chair to protect you from cyber threats, I wish it was that easy!

Still, securing your Mac is relatively simple if you take the time to examine your options. In fact, at GlobalMacIT, we’ve put together a guide to keep your Mac safe. Furthermore, we have a basic tool for solo attorneys and small firms, BasicCare, that provides additional security.

As a lawyer, you need to take all possible measures to protect the client-attorney privilege and you have an ethical duty to fulfill that requirement. For Mac users, the most overlooked part of this safety is going beyond ‘out of the box.’