Clio Cloud Conference 2020

by | Jul 22, 2020

GlobalMac IT is proud to be one of less than 20 Gold Clio Certified Consultants, and that we have heard amazing feedback on the caliber of this conference, the content and the speakers.

I have also heard from many who are not Clio users, who have attended and received a tremendous amount of benefit from the event.

What has kept me from attending the event is an intentional choice to limit my travel so that I don’t end up being a travelling dad who is never around.

If you can relate, the virtual event may be perfect for you. Through our partnership with Clio, we’ve been able to secure an extension on their early-bird pricing until July 31st of only $99

“Early Bird Pricing Extended to August 31, 2020!”

In my professional opinion, that is a steal. Even if you can only attend one session that you benefit from, it’ll pay for itself many times over.  

Not only do you not have to spend time away from your family, plus the cost of travel and lodging and food, but you also have the benefit of attending ‘a la carte’ style. This means you just plan on attending the sessions that you would benefit from the most.

In my books, that is a no brainer. Check out more details on the event below my signature.

I hope to ‘see’ you virtually at the event!”

Warm Regards,

Tom Lambotte
GlobalMac IT


To unlock the early bird pricing of $99 please share the promo code GLOBALMACIT or click on this LINK.   This discount will be available to you until July 31st!

For the first time in 8 years, Clio Cloud Conference is going virtual this October 13-16th.

With a re-imagined virtual experience, attendees can expect a high caliber of educational content, networking opportunities, connections with speakers, and social experiences.

A virtual conference of this scale will be a first for the industry and will provide legal professionals with a platform to reflect on the past year, share their perspectives, and discuss how to transform the practice of law for good. 

At this year’s virtual Clio Cloud Conference, legal professionals like yourself can expect: 

  • A bigger and more accessible conference
    • With more members of the global legal community being able to join remotely. 
  • A connected experience for everyone
    • Attendees can expect breakout rooms, in-depth Q&A with speakers, curated networking, and more
  • Never before seen insights from Clio’s Legal Trends Report 
  • High caliber of speakers

Including Seth Godin, New York Times bestselling author, marketing innovator, and business leader