Chatting with Mr. Chatbot

by | Sep 28, 2021

If you missed our recent webinar covering the cutting edge of legal marketing technology with Jared Correia, you’re in luck — a recording of the conversation is available in our archives. It was a great talk that you’ll want to check out:

WATCH/LISTEN HERE: Online Conversion Tactics Webinar

Despite heading Gideon Legal Technologies, Jared doesn’t like to toot his own horn…so I’ll do it for him. A former attorney who has spent the last 15 years as a consultant advising law firms on technology, finances, and marketing, Jared launched Gideon in 2018 to expand legal accessibility by leveraging technology.

His tools were soon at the forefront of the second wave of cloud-based legaltech (focused on marketing over case management), with quick-start personalized chatbots and intake scheduling utilities designed especially for small and mid-sized practices.

Our discussion was far-reaching, as Jared addressed the many ways technology can improve law firm marketing and let attorneys concentrate on the substantive work they love rather than the tedium of drumming up new business.

Specifically, he shared advice for efficiently generating leads (and making the most of them), optimizing your firm’s online presence to mesh with search engines and potential clients, and tailoring your team’s responsiveness to meet demanding consumer expectations.

Jarred closed with an explanation of Gideon’s approach and how their platform adds an automated, intelligent legal assistant to your team. Gideon’s digital front door asks the right questions and funnel inquiries efficiently to maximize lead conversion and streamline client services, featuring a quick, intuitive setup and using predictive analytics in its conversational interface.

I’ve seen his stuff in action and am really impressed. I bought a couple of chatbot programs a few years ago and never even brought them online because the initiation was complex and daunting. Gideon’s package is high functioning and low maintenance – check it out at