Apple in the World of Business – It’s Time for Apple to Shine!

by | Sep 3, 2020

Apple computers have always been a fan favorite in the world of education. First with the iMac and now the scope of use is even wider with the Macbook and iPad.

Apple in the World of Business – It’s Time for Apple to Shine!

But, it took a little longer for Apple to break into the business world.

Sure, architects and other design professionals have been using them for quite a while, but the accountants, lawyers, and real estate brokers were a little slower accepting them as their tools.


Well, first, the lack of software was an issue.

The popular Microsoft Suite wasn’t available to Apple users.

But that started to change in 1997 when Microsoft dedicated an entire division to building software for Apple and invested $150 million in Apple (Source).

The addition of cloud-based apps was the second game-changer, making the majority of the familiar applications used by PC based companies available on the Mac OS platform.

Just about anything previously used on a PC can now be used on a macOS based system.


App developers nowadays rarely create a new product built for Windows – there is no need to do so. Cloud-based apps have leveled the playing field.

Second, familiarity!

Most businesses were PC based companies. So, even if the new employee was an “Apple person,” they had to use the system the company supported.

However, this is now also changing.

I remember very specifically looking for jobs before I started GlobalMac IT.

One of my first questions was whether they used Macs and if not, could I use mine. I passed on jobs if I had to work on a PC (unless it was a really good job – or I needed money!) And this was 15+ years ago!

The younger generation is taking over as the Baby Boomers are retiring.

New workers in the business world grew up with iPads, iPhones, and working on Macbooks.

They are comfortable with the devices and recognize the benefits (reliability, security, integration with mobile devices, flexibility, and did you know there are over 250,000 business apps available in the Apple App Store and that number is growing every day).

Recently Johny Evans at Computer world wrote an article detailing the progress that Apple has made in the business world. (Article)

In his article, Johny discloses that major companies such as IBM, Bank of America, Deloitte, and GE are companies that have Apple computers as at least part of their computer arsenal if not all of it.

During the last Jamf Nation User Conference, Apple’s Jeremy Butcher shared that 100% of the Fortune 500 companies are using Apple products! Wow!

Within Johny Evan’s article, it is revealed that workers at these and other companies feel they are more comfortable and productive if allowed to use the computer brands they are most comfortable with, and Apple is a popular choice when the choice is theirs to make.

An often overlooked benefit of using Macs in your law firm is for talent

attraction and retention. Keep that in mind if you’re still on the fence about making the switch and you’re already on Macs, lead with it and let it be known!